IM Chattanooga Cast of Characters

21 Oct

Ironman races are so popular that you have to sign up for them a year in advance before they fill up.  This was certainly the case for Ironman Chattanooga where the race filled up in a matter of seconds after … Read More »

You Gotta Nail the Nutrition

10 Oct

IMTX 2013 was my wake up call that I might need help with nutrition.  I knew I made mistakes by using new products during that race but will never know if the original plan would have worked.  I was blindly … Read More »

Permanent Damage

9 Oct

I’ve had all sorts of injuries related to running and cycling since I started this endurance junky journey in 2008.  Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, bruised ribs, IT Band syndrome, piriformis and soleus pain.  Most other people involved in these sports … Read More »

Lessons Learned From IMTX 2013

7 Oct

The numbers speak for themselves.  13:35:48 IMTX time.  5:36 Run time . IMTX was a huge embarrassment to me personally because I’m a fairly good runner in my own warped mind.  I had pretty loose expectations for the swim and … Read More »

BQ or Bust – From a Pacers Viewpoint

6 Oct

Note:  I had written this originally for my running clubs newsletter in December 2013 but was not able to keep the word count close to the required <750.   I always loathed running after being constantly forced to do wind … Read More »