Leadman in One Post

30 Oct

A few days after I finished The Leadman series I was asked to write an article for our runners club monthly newsletter.  Mind you, there is a 750 word limit and I told the requester there was no way I … Read More »

The Road to 3:05 – Part 4 – The Taper

31 Jan

The Taper So traditionally when you ramp down your training miles before a marathon you tend to go a little crazy.  You think you are losing fitness because you aren’t running enough and you start noticing little pains and worry … Read More »

Permanent Damage

9 Oct

I’ve had all sorts of injuries related to running and cycling since I started this endurance junky journey in 2008.  Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, bruised ribs, IT Band syndrome, piriformis and soleus pain.  Most other people involved in these sports … Read More »

BQ or Bust – From a Pacers Viewpoint

6 Oct

Note:  I had written this originally for my running clubs newsletter in December 2013 but was not able to keep the word count close to the required <750.   I always loathed running after being constantly forced to do wind … Read More »